Essential Materials for Starting Your Art Journey


When starting your journey as an artist, it's essential to begin with the right materials to learn and develop your skills effectively. In this blog post, we will cover the basic materials you should consider using when starting art, from drawing tools to different paint types.

Drawing Materials

The most basic materials for beginning artists are pencils and paper. As you grow as an artist, you may want to explore other drawing tools and techniques, but these simple tools are a great starting point. Consider investing in a variety of pencil grades and high-quality paper suitable for different drawing mediums.

Paint Types

Watercolor and acrylic paints are two of the best choices for beginners. Both are water-based, which means you won't need paint thinners for painting or clean-up. These paint types are versatile and user-friendly, making them an excellent option for learning basic painting skills.

Experimenting with Different Mediums

As you progress in your artistic journey, you may want to experiment with various mediums, such as gouache, oil pastel, ink, pencil, markers, spray paint, and silkscreen. Trying out new mediums can inspire you and expand your understanding of how to use your current medium.

Brushes and Painting Surfaces

Invest in a selection of brushes in various shapes and sizes, suitable for the type of paint you're using. As for painting surfaces, beginners can start with watercolor paper, canvas boards, or stretched canvases.

Learning Resources

Beginners can learn basic painting skills from various resources, such as art classes, books, videos, and online tutorials. Make use of these resources to improve your understanding of different techniques and materials.


Starting art with the right materials is crucial for building a strong foundation and developing your skills. Begin with essential drawing materials like pencils and paper, explore beginner-friendly paint types like watercolor and acrylic, and consider experimenting with different mediums as you progress. Don't forget to invest in brushes, painting surfaces, and learning resources to help you on your artistic journey.